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hetalicons's Journal

OBP Hetalia Icons!
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Please read this before you start posting!!


hetalicons is an icon community inspired by the Olive Branch Project at hetalia.

As the name suggests, this community is dedicated to the fandom Axis Powers Hetalia, created by Himaruya Hidekaz. The aim of this community is to make authorized icons and graphics easier to find and by that means, reduce the usage of unauthorized and uncredited fanart.

We hope you will consider hetalicons as your first resource for Hetalia icons and graphics, before moving on to other sources.


All sources of art used must be credited
Sample crediting can be seen in icon posts here (scroll down) and here.

If using fanart, show us where you got the artist's permission
Links to artist's posts in this thread are acceptable. Links in comments are fine too. If either of these is impossible, provide a screenshot of the email/comment in which permission was granted. Please remember to respect the wishes of each of these artists in their individual ways.

The icons you post here must NOT be derived from fanarts, nico videos, cosplay photos or any other sources from which you have not obtained permission for usage.
They WILL be removed from this community otherwise.
NOTE: Himaruya Hidekaz has given his permission to make derivative works of his artwork without profit here. You do not need to link this site at the bottom of your official-art posts on this community.

TAG all your posts appropriately, for the LOVE OF GOD
The available tags can all be found here or in the sidebar, and include COUNTRY NAMES. Please tag your posts by country to make it easier for people to find icons of a certain character. We will be going around cleaning up tags, but it would make the job a lot easier if you tagged things yourself.

Please keep on topic: No flaming / Unnecessary debates / Wars
A little bloodshed is inevitable in history, but not in this community. We are here to share icons and graphics, not heatedly debate the ethics of fanart sharing. If you have issues with the project or with this community, please keep it within the rule post, or message the maintainers.

All posts must contain Hetalia graphics
If you are looking for a place to request icons and/or art, head over to aph_request

You may link to panfandom icon posts outside this community
However, you must follow the above rules in crediting and authorization for the hetalia icons/graphics only, or we will remove the post in this community. We have no authority over the rest of your fandoms.

LJ-cut any image over 500x500 pixels, and no more than 5 icons allowed above the cut
We don't want the page to lag!

Adverts must be related to OBP / Hetalia graphics in some way
Anything else will be deleted.

Lastly, have fun, and we hope that this community has been useful!!

Your maintainers,
gomimushi (Miyun) and hyperbeeeam (Ellie)